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the blackout

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I never knew who it was. on friday night just chilling infront of netflix when suddenly my light went off tv and all the backyard door slammed open ''who is this?'' ''its daddy and his friend'' ''what the fuck?'' ''get him'' and i endup fighting the 4 hands on my couch trying to get my cloth ripped off until they succeded ass slapped doddy , hold by them calling me a white boy slut ''stop stop i dont know you'' i bright flashlight on my face , naked as a worm , not seing them blinded by the light ''there we brought you proper cloth for you small cock boy slut'' even if i fought i f… Read more

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Walk in the park

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It was late in the Florida summer afternoon and Jalisa and Jay were walking on the footpath of the Desoto memorial park. Tomorrow was their wedding day and tonight was the bachelor party. It had been a quick engagement after only 6 months of dating and most of that living in separate states but it was a case of love at first sight. It was a very open and trusting relationship where they shared thoughts and feelings easily between each other so they decided to combine the bachelor and bachelorette parties into one and have them together. They decided to spend the hour before they met friends fo… Read more

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Agency Slave continued

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The next day, prior to being taken for my castration surgery, my dealer had some things to talk with me. He reviewed that I had consented to a full time, permanent slave contract, and that I would be sold to anyone in the world. The men who buy eunuchs are very competitive and having a permanent eunuch slave is a big status symbol - besides they can then have you altered in any other way that they want. There are no limits on the permanent contracts - though the agency will keep in touch with your owners to see that you are still alive.  I found this idea thrilling and a good alternati… Read more

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You're So Pretty

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One day my neighbor came over and was crying because her mom yelled at her for wearing a bikini around the yard. She said her mom doesn't understand that she wants to feel pretty and she asked me if she was pretty. I told her she was very pretty and that any boy would be lucky to have her. Then, she asked me how she was pretty and what was so pretty about her. I started to tell her the simple stuff, like her smile and eyes were really nice. Then, she asked for more. At that moment I could feel my balls beginning to tingle and my dick was starting to get hard. I had my hand on her lower back… Read more

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Felling Horny For My Son


It's Sunday morning and I was in bed naked and rubbing my wet hairy pussy. I hate to admit this, but I was thinking of my son, Mark. He is now f...teen years old and I can't stop thinking about him sexually. I can picture his smooth young chest right now. He also goes around wearing lose shorts. I can tell he isn't wearing underwear most times. I see his bulge protruding from the material of his shorts. Mark is just down the hallway still in bed. I just had to get up and go see him. I got up from my bed and walked down the hallway. His bedroom door was shut so I opened it just a crack. Mark… Read more

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Dunes, Dicks and downpours. Another true story.

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If you know the south of England, you’ll know there are beaches where nude sunbathing is allowed, with discretion, and that usually means up in the dunes. If you have visited these places then you’ll also know that you’ll find a number of males pretending to walk around looking at the sea, when all they want is something to wank to…though we didn’t know that on our first visit. My man has always complimented my looks and body. I’ve gained a few curves since having k**s, but I retain shapely legs, large boobs (always had large boobs), blonde hair and now have wonderful curves around by belly… Read more

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In late October,1961 I was involved in my first serious sexual affair with fellow high school senior Maria Bellucci in eastern South Dakota. Maria and I just couldn,t get enough of each other and had sex whenever and wherever we could, but had to draw the line at trying for a quickie behind the school toilets when we very nearly were caught by the Principal. She accompanied me pheasant hunting a few times and was a crack shot with her twenty gauge Remington and shot rings round me. When she offered to go fishing with me before the season closed on November 1st I should have made excuses not to… Read more

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Pain relief massage for wife - to a slow sensuous


Pain relief massage for wife - to a slow sensuous sex Nidhi was having pain in back. It was evening, unusual for her to sleep at that time. I came in with the other key. It was around 5pm. She was in saree lying on side and beautiful curves of her waist displayed. She was 24 yrs and looking hot. I washed myself and laid down beside her. My legs were trembling watching Nidhi hot in saree. I came close to her and touched her waist, she woke up and winced with pain in back. She had lifted something and had a muscle sprain at back. She was waiting for me to give a relief with my… Read more

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A nice downblouse and other :-P

VoyeurMasturbation very good these videos i too had a nice situation for an accident of this kind, at home, with my sister. It was a summer's evening, July if i not remember bad :-P, i'm heading toward the lunch-room for the dinner, my sister is sitting at the table, and she wears a tunic for the house, and i see her from behind, and, given that the backrest of the chair was at half, i can see from behind her, and i see her beautiful… Read more

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Bred & Fed at a Premier Inn – May 2019.

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My husband had made contact with a guy, I am never quite sure how he finds some of them, this male is apparently almost local to us, and at my age, it tends to make me a little jumpy that my neighbours or indeed family members might just find out how much of a slut I am. So, I don’t really like to source and fuck local cocks, but my husband has assured me this person will be okay, he just wants to fuck a mature woman, and as you will read, I do love to fuck and suck. My brothers would be very shocked that Adrian lends, shares, and indeed sometimes has even sold me for sex (It was very lucrati… Read more

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The regular bus commuters


Living several miles away from my school I rode the bus almost every day surrounded by commuters off to work and my fellow sch**l pupils. When I board it there were always plenty of seats and I would go up to the top deck, as the journey passed more and more pupils and workers hopped on. By the time I got off the bus was heaving with people, jostling about, knocking bags with others and generally trying to make room. The top deck saw the real regulars, a mixed bunch of ages and people off to work and of course as the journey progressed plenty of pupils. After using the bus for over a year I… Read more

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Miss Danica - a fantasy could have cum true

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I have it on email – Miss Danica said – ‘ I can just imagine what It must be like to actuall take the pictures your self, and totally appreciate that it would probably make you 'cum in you pants' so it really wouldnt embarrase me at all had that of happend. (well maybe next time, we will do the topless pictures,, and you will undo your mac,, and if what happens happens, well all I can say is that maybe dreams do come true.....’ That was May 2012, a couple of weeks after my last Worship Session with Her. So wouldn’t anyone jump at the chance – a fabulous Goddess prepared to pose topless… Read more

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Summer of 86 Part 4 'Julie'

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Well! so far, this summer was going amazing. I was having the time of my life and through some of my sisters friends I had discovered my sexual ability and the fact that it was very enjoyable and still too young to understand the consequences of what a simple mistake could lead to. So back to the story. We were just coming to the end of July and after weeks of unbearable heat the temperature broke and came the rain. For 4 solid days it rained and stuck in the house was boring. Most of my mates had gone on holidays of some sorts and I was fed up and still being reminded of my last 3 conquests b… Read more

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With our pants down our ankles, we shuffle to my bedroom. 'You will stay a little while?' I look at him questioningly, 'This seems like just the beginning.' Stephon does not answer, but the confirmation comes quickly. He loosens his shoelaces, takes off his pants and dives on my bed. I do not need more. I quickly follow his example and fall into his arms. Stephon is a great kisser. Deep and wet. In the meantime, I feel his hand go looking for my ass. 'Only real tops do that,' I think satisfied. I roll on my stomach and Stephon licks down my back. His hands pull my buttocks apart. I feel his po… Read more

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Pauline The Slut - Part 4: Visit to the Office


When I woke the next morning he had already gone to work. My arse was still sore from his cock and the belt and my nipples still ached. I decided to take a bath. The hot water helped soothe my body. I closed my eyes and relaxed. I must have nodded off because the next thing I remember was the phone ringing. I got out of the bath and went back to the bedroom and answered the phone. "Slut, put on your pink summer dress and your high heel sandals. No underwear and get a taxi to my office. Be here at noon. Don't be late." He hung up. I stood there with the phone in my hand and water dripping off… Read more

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My life with Allison (pt 1)


I had just moved to town recently and decided to give on-line dating a chance. I found some cool groups on-line and had received a discreet invitation to a party at a local hotel. There was an admission price and some requirements…but I decided to go for it. It was a club dedicated to matching potential couples up for kinky sex. Who would pass that up? I had a lengthy questionnaire to fill out and it was followed up by a phone interview. I had to submit pictures and an STD test. I know this would freak some people out, but I liked where it was going. It was exclusive, with a bit of cautio… Read more

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Divorced and Sex with a Construction Worker


It's 1975 i was Divorced at 24 and no c***dren. But then a drunk ran a traffic light and hit my husband’s car broad side. Bill was killed instantly in the crash. He never knew what happened, which is good I guess. The driver ran and got away. Witnesses told the police where he went and he was caught. Bill didn’t ask to be killed. They didn’t do anything to the damn driver; they just sent his ass back to Jail in Mexico. I was so pissed. Bill bought our house with out me knowing about it for a wedding gift. The house was ok, but I didn’t like the floor plan or the kitchen. Who ever heard of a ki… Read more

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Joy finds a BBC

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Joy and I always went out on Friday night to have a good time. Joy always wore very sexy and revealing clothes with no bra or panties. We went to clubs, parties and swimming in the nude. Joy liked to go out with her girl friends twice a month and would get home about four in the morning having that fucked look about her. She would tell me that one of her friends liked to eat pussy and so I let it pass. After several months of this she ask me if she could fuck another man. I thought for awhile and got so turned on I told her yes but I wanted to watch. She had a couple of guys she wanted to fuc… Read more

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Lisa – Beth’s Story

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Beth’s body was on fire as she left her new friend who gathered her large purchase of new sex toys. Beth had been shocked when she had stepped into the store to see Cheri Pie standing there. What Beth would never tell anyone was that she had watched Cheri’s gangbang videos not only with her x-husband but alone after he had left her for another woman. It was watching the confident woman that inspired her to make her first trip to the gloryhole at the Triple X Adult Entertainment Superstore. Beth had been overweight and her self-confidence was near zero but she was hornier than she had ever be… Read more

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New Neighbors

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Jimbo Jones (his family calls him JJ) and his wife, Melissa, were living with JJ’s parents in Lakeland, Fl. Wasn’t the ideal situation for a couple in their late 20s but they were struggling to make ends meet. The fact that their parents really only had a trailer made it worse. JJ was homeschooled and didn’t have the best social skills so maintaining a job was difficult for him. A year of making subs at Subway and he wasn’t moving up at all. Their only hope was Melissa would transferred from Target to the Walmart in Jacksonville to take a position with customer service for more money than she… Read more

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