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Slut: Once a Slut! Part 2


James, Neil and I went into our entertainment room to enjoy a few relaxing drinks. James went straight behind the bar, taking three long tumblers and began to fill them with ice cubes. He poured a decent measure of vodka in mine and Neil’s glass before adding a good shot of Diet Coke. Neil had climbed onto a barstool, absolutely naked and still sporting a semi erect cock. I had removed my skintight dress and climbed naked on to the barstool with him, wearing only my high heels, I began wriggling my shaved smooth slit directly on to his pulsating cock. The gentle twitching of his semi erect coc… Read more

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I was around 30 years old at the time. Karen was 18. She lived in the flat downstairs, with her parents and I was living on my own. Karen was a nerdy girl, around 5ft 3in, long straight brown hair, size 18 and she had huge tits. I had always thought she was cute since I had moved into the flats a few months previously. I love BBW and this young plumper caught my eye instantly. I had known for a while now that she fancied me. It began when we would pass in the hallway to our flats and say hello. Then we would exchange a few words and before too long we were stopping to chat. It became a night… Read more

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These are some words about my life and my educatio

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I was raised and educated by my mother alone and I had no registered father as my mother never got married and she educated me by herself. My first years were really happy and I went to school as a good student and was very interested in learning. I also had very good contacts with my aunt, my mother sister, who was described to me as a foolish and naughty women living with a lot of boy friends. Later I also understood that she was considered as to be on the social limits as she was actively bi-sexual. I follow all my scholarship very actively and successfully. In addition to my scholarity my… Read more

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A Gurl's Family Continued

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A Gurl's Family Continued Judy glanced Kara as she rode on her knee's, head through the privacy portal thinking back to a few hours earlier when she and Kara bathed together. Their showers were done, Kara was on her knee's as warm water rinsed over them, sucking out cum from Judy's drooped cock. “Mom, Kara asked, I'm not hurting you am I?...I suck you often, I can't help it..I know it helps you but....I want it so badly”. Judy caressed her face, Kara said “you've done so much more for me..Made me.. You gave me life.. I love You”. Judy dropped to her knee's facing her and crying heavy tears, K… Read more

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6 Load Monday!!

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This past Monday I had a day to remember. I decided to go on the pc and see if anyone was looking for a cocksucker at about 8:30am. A semi regular of mine was online and said he was ready and had a friend I would like so could I come over and suck them both off at 9:30. I of course jumped at the opportunity. At the same time another man (Whom I had never met)had been chatting with me and asked if I was available at about 11am. I again said of course, after asking the usual questions about age, d/d free stuff, etc.... Well I went to my semi-regular's house at 930 sharp (A true Cocksucke… Read more

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Cucked at a wedding part 2


Cucked at a wedding part 2 - you can read my other posts to set the scene or just dive right in :-) As the evening wore on Carrie and I danced together - my cum filled boxers had dried out. 'You can say if you don't want me to go back to his room Dan. ' Carrie whispers as we hold each other close. I pull her closer, my cock hard against her. 'No go - it will be fun. We will never see him again and I can tell you want his cock.' I smile at her and kiss her deeply. We had back to the bar for another drink. As I place my hand on Carrie's ass my hand brushes against someone else's. I look up an… Read more

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Cruising Exeter Haldon 16/07/2019

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I am using this site to document my real naughty adventures, I am mainly a bottom in the Exeter area, clean, on Prep and always horny. Due to a change in workplace I have been able to stop off at a local forest, Haldon in Exeter which has a specific carpark used by guys only. There is another carpark that is used in the evenings for dogging, but being a cock slut, I don't want the competition of real pussy lol So, before work I have started to stop off once a week for some fun. This week it has been mostly sunny, hot and dry, so that makes me even more horny ALL THE TIME. I turned into the c… Read more

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Cousin Sophie Let Me Try Something

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My cousin Sophie laid still on her bed, quietly enjoying my swirling tongue, circling her nipple slowly. I savored the taste of her skin, feeling the tiny bumps around the outside and the hard point in the middle. I licked down under her boob and all around. I wanted to take in every square inch of her body. I was soooo into it! Sophie is my age and we've been naked before. But, sharing our bodies in this way was totally new for us. Our conversation about our… Read more

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Stranger Sabotaged the Condom

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A few years ago I was being intimate with a man we had met at a party. My husband was there watching and things were going pretty good except for a few snide remarks the man made once we were both naked and on the bed. This guy had the wrong impression that my husband wanted to be humiliated by him since he was allowing him to "fuck his wife." He let things slide and didn't say anything but just watched silently. The man must have taken this as approval of what he was doing because he then got bolder with his words to the point that I had to tell him to cool things down. He might have been a… Read more

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A Students Plan – The Journey And Twist Of Fate!-1

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I am here to share some true incidents and not looking for any partner, not even for 50k for a night. We are not professionals and definitely don’t need money. We enjoy our life in our own unique and beautiful way. Now heading over to the reason you are here. But first things first. This is going to be a long story and I will be writing it in parts. So, guys and gals become comfortable and enjoy the story. And as always, any feedback, comments can be forwarded to me on hangout or email – [email protected] After c… Read more

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My plan for a threesome.. (Part 1)

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Working on a plan to try a real threesome, I decided to include my neighbor and my gardener. My gardener is a good looking, hardworking man a few years older than me. I’ve enjoyed flirting and teasing him for quite some time and we obviously have an exciting connection. I knew from the occasional touches while working on a yard projects that there was a great electricity between us. I knew it had been a long time since he had been active with his wife in the bedroom due to lack of interest on her part. I also knew that my divorced neighbor was interested in me, but I had been keeping him at… Read more

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Banging The Horny Maid


I hope you like this and excuse me if there are any grammatical mistakes. Now without wasting time let’s get to the story. This story happened when I had just completed my 12th. Summer vacations were on and I was waiting for my results. My family is very small and my mom cannot do all of the housework alone because she is busy with her business work. My maid (who is the heroine… Read more

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Sex With The Sexy Interviewer, Sneha

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I am 24 years of age. This happened about 20 days back when I went for an interview to Gachibowli and met the receptionist. He told me to wait in the waiting hall. I was sweating and sat on the sofa. I had some water and rested my head on the sofa. Then suddenly a lady around 25-27 age passed me with an awesome perfume. I opened my eyes to see who that lady was. But unfortunately, I couldn’t see her face. I could see only her dress which is a navy-blue t… Read more

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Fucking History Teacher

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Fucking, History Teacher By: Londebaaz Chohan I was sure, Mr. Nick Bailey, my history teacher was not gay or at least he was in a tight shut closet, because he mentioned of his wife and grown up k**s quite a lot in his class. Ok, let us believe that he was not gay but the only thing that kept my interest in his class was his rounded, fully curved ass bubble that was raised slightly up and looked not only delicious but also very special when he turned his back towards the class to scribble something on the blackboard or when he walked on the podium from one end to the other. I always d… Read more

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True story ex girlfriends dirty events continued 1

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Again, all true things that happened. I was away with my friends at the same time as her and her friend. Location doesn’t matter but I was on my own for around 6 days doing my own thing. The plan was her and her friend would come where I was so we could meet up etc. So, it happened and we was together on and off through out the days, evening and night times for 5 days I think it was. it was hot weather, beaches, bars and night life if that’s what you wanted. Her friend fell ill for 3 of the days so didn’t come out just stayed in there shared room and recovered. So it was just me and my ex, t… Read more

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The Thought of You- Chapter One

Interracial Sex

I wish I could figure out how I got here, and even where I was. The light seeping though the thin curtains stung my eyes as I tried to gain recognition of my surroundings. The distant sound of car horns and birds filled the abnormally quiet room. I looked down at the taupe sheets I was under-naked. Then, like a solid fist, a sack full of bricks, I remembered where I was. The taste of last night's escapades still fresh on my tongue as I recalled the fat dick that was in my mouth merely hours ago. I had just broken up..... with him. Five years. Wasted. Down the drain- with nothing left but dist… Read more

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Killer Mom

HardcoreMatureFirst Time

When I was five, I saw my mother kill my father. I watched as she sat over him yelling, and stabbing him in the chest. She then called 'uncle' Jerry who came over and took him away. We never talked about that night. On the few occasions I mentioned him without thinking, she just said, "He's gone, and we have to get on with our lives." I knew why she did it. It was because he used to beat her almost every night. I remember that she was nice to me and gave me a lot of things, but that didn't stop me from being afraid. For years I thought that if I did something wrong, she would kill me too. M… Read more

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Christy and Rock had been dating over five years now and Christy was getting bored with the relationship. Unfortunately, she could'nt just leave because Rock was paying the bills, so she started acting like a bitch. She argued with Rock all the time and would not give him any pussy. Rock grew very tired and aggravated with Christy and told her he was leaving her. Christy pleaded with him to stay knowing she needed him financially. Rock refused. Christy said she'd do anything to make him stay. Rock asked her "anything?". Christy said yes. Rock asked her if she'd fuck another man and he watch.… Read more

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3-Way at Work !

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It was another, typical Monday morning for Linda. After what had been a fun weekend with a pleasant walk in the Cheshire countryside and some relaxing gardening it was back to the weekly reality of making a living. She'd not long been in work when her computer went dead and the water wouldn't drain from the sink in the washroom she shared between her office and the other managers. So the SOS went out to get the computer-man and a plumber. After giving out the assignments to the staff for the day she sat back, a little at a loss without her laptop and the xxx rated surfing she enjoyed using it… Read more

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Rocky Mtn Road Trip - Part Eight


Rocky Mountain Road Trip Part Eight Kathy was kneeling before Mark & Keith with her back to her husband who was laying on the bed with his arms around Sherry & Angel looking very content. Mark told her, "Lick my hand and suck my fingers as a show of submission and do the same for Master Keith." Kathy said, "Yes Master Mark." Then she took hold of both men's hands and obediently licked and sucked fingers. After awhile of licking and sucking Master Keith told her, "Continue sucking our fingers and with your right hand I… Read more

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